ARMO is a midwest based diagnostic testing provider serving the clinicians throughout Arkansas, Missouri, and surrounding states.

What testing is offered?

ARMO Diagnostics specializes in Toxicology testing as well as Molecular testing. This includes use of LC/MS (Mass Spec) for drug testing, as well as PCR (polymerase chain reaction), that amplify trace amounts of DNA (or RNA) to quickly and accurately identify organisms in a specimen.  The process uses the same types and amounts of specimens as traditional testing techniques, but with faster results.

How long does this testing take?

Once the specimen has been received in the lab, most results are available within 24 to 48 hours. We offer overnight shipping and in some local areas, same-day courier pickup which helps expedite results from collection to finalizing reports.

Is ARMO testing more accurate than traditional techniques?

Traditional drug testing is primarily done through EIA screening with high cutoffs, false positives, and inconsistent results. We utilize the gold standard technology when it comes to toxicology testing to give you results you can count on every time.

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We provide rapid test results for the following:

Rehab and Day Treatment Facilities

Behavioral and Mental Health Clinics

Pain Management Practices

Outpatient Addiction Treatment and MAT

Primary Care Practices

OB/GYN Providers

Internal Medicine Providers

Orthopedic Providers

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