Partnering with you to deliver the
highest quality patient care possible.

Joining the fight to monitor drug compliance with treatment regimes. ARMO provides comprehensive and definitive diagnostic testing to offer the most accurate and timely results in the industry.

ARMO is proud to bring cutting edge technology to support treatment protocols for pain management and medication compliance. The ARMO team has a combined 108 of years in the lab industry, over 20 of those focused specifically on toxicology.

Accurate Results in Record Time

Leave outdated diagnostic techniques behind!  ARMO provides results 24 to 48 hours after receiving a specimen. 

From the time specimens are scheduled for pick-up to the documented arrival of the specimen being received in the laboratory in Sherwood, Arkansas your specimen is monitored through a nationwide shipping process.  This allows us to track your specimens from the time they leave your facility until we provide results. We build your trust through our safe and secure logistics program.

Simply obtain the specimen and it will be picked up by our local courier or shipped overnight to our lab. We provide results within 24 – 48 hours of receipt via our secure online portal or interface to your practice management system. 

Helping You Provide Quality Care

In addition to drug testing / compliance monitoring based upon LC/MS technology, ARMO also offers advanced molecular testing. Urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, and wound infections account for over 50% of hospitalizations of care center patients. Together, we can facilitate effective treatment and prevent hospitalizations (and just as important – re-hospitalizations) and promote Antibiotic Stewardship – a national health initiative.

When patients and caregivers wait longer for test results treatment is delayed and conditions can deteriorate.  No matter who you serve,  ARMO expedites the diagnosis and treatment process you need by delivering high quality results in record time.

Support From An Experienced Team

With 108 years combined lab experience, our leadership team combines their passion for technology with their dedication to quality care.

Not only does our staff stay up to date on the latest and most accurate testing methods, our sales representatives are there when you need support.  You can trust us through every part of the process; whether you’re ordering testing materials, training staff or receiving secure test results. ARMO’s goal is to provide an educational platform for our clients and grow with you as technology and protocols for therapeutic drug monitoring advances.