The current SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has had a significant impact on the State of Arkansas and the midwest. Citizens have been infected with the virus, healthcare workers have been put in harms way, businesses have closed, some of them permanently. The economy has suffered. There is a great deal of apprehension across the state. We need to work together and provide solutions to help move the midwest forward through this crisis.

Current COVID-19 testing is focused on identifying those infected with the virus. The test determines whether the individual being tested has the virus. This test represents a snapshot; a result of Not Detected is not indicative of previous COVID-19 infection nor does it rule out future COVID-19 infection.

  • Healthcare workers can be tested
  • Employers can test their employees
  • A plan to get people back to work can be implemented at the local company level

ARMO is a clinical reference testing laboratory located in Sherwood, AR. ARMO is a CLIA certified high complexity laboratory. The ownership of ARMO represents over 155 years of laboratory experience. ARMO is passionate about healthcare and about delivering high quality results to improve patient outcomes. Centrally located in the state, ARMO is well-positioned to receive samples from all areas of the state.

ARMO is committed to working with the employers of the state of Arkansas to help them through this unprecedented time.

ARMO is offering the COV-ID Rapid Antigen testing in accordance with Emergency Guidance from the U.S. FDA. The testing requires a blood draw for processing. This testing is offered to employers for $60 per test / specimen. The price does not include specimen collection or transportation; however, ARMO can assist with that if needed. A contract with proposal for collection will be provided upon request.